Who I Work With

The beauty of being an intuitive designer and art director for so many years is that I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many amazing clients and creative entrepreneurs.

I look for great people to work with and hope that great people find me to work with too; in fact, it’s one of my must-haves when working with clients. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to work with a negative Nancy, I know I don’t and nor would I expect you to work with someone like that either.

If you’re someone who loves life, is driven and a passionate entrepreneur who wants to make an impact in the world, then, yeah, we’re right for each other.

Let’s do this!


“Natasha is a talented Art Director who is dedicated to her craft. She has a wonderful sense of creativity. Artistically talented as she is; Natasha’s personality is her strength. Warm, charismatic and a complete and total team player, she is a joy to work with and have as an integral part of any team.

– Elizabeth G

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