Oh Henry!

Oh Henry! What feeds your hunger? from Natasha Romanelli-Rebelo on Vimeo.

Oh Henry! What feeds your hunger? Promo from Natasha Romanelli-Rebelo on Vimeo.


Oh Henry! What Feeds Your Hunger?

Oh Henry! Wanted to reach a newer and wider audience in a unique, direct way. They also wanted to engage with its customers and invite them to take part in a grass-roots campaign. To accomplish this, Oh Henry! launched a music community www.whatfeedsyourhunger.ca as Presenting Sponsor of the Virgin Festival.


Logo design


TV Spots

To kick start the campaign we asked 25 emerging bands to express hunger through music. Our top three picks were featured in our tv spots.




WhatFeedsYourHunger.ca was were the music community really took shape. Bands posted their music and the fans voted who they wanted to see on the Virgin Festival Stage.


Personal Profiles

Bands were able to have their own profiles where they could upload videos and songs. Users were able to vote and follow their rankings.



Facebook App

We developed an application for Facebook so that Bands and Fans could view and share their music in their space.


To create more brand awareness we created a YouTube Channel to help spread the word.


In store POP



Online Promo


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