Kimberlee Burchat – Brand Identity

Kimberlee is at the start of her successful career as a dreadlocticion. Having done it for a while now she has decided to go out on her own. She came to me because she needed some branding materials to sell her services but didn’t want to come off as just another dreadlock specialist or hairstylist. What I love about Kimberlee and what truly makes her unique and stand out from the next dreadlock specialist, is that she has a love affair for attracting opposites. Edgy vs elegant, dark vs light, flowy vs hard, distressed vs soft. Etc… Working together collaboratively we came up with a creative solution that spoke to her soul and lifted her spirit.


As an energy healer, I work with the chakras quite a bit and what I love about the colours we choose are the colour of the chakras she needs to work on most and to keep her balanced.

These first three colours (yellow, orange and red) work hard to keep her grounded in this physical world.

Yellow – Solar Plexus // Will empower her confidence and courage as she now steps out as a soulful entrepreneur

Orange – Sacral Chakra // Empowers her desires and her creative energy

Red – Root Chakra // Allows her to trust her natural instincts and move forward with the person she is meant to be in this world

This last colour (purple) works hard to keep her connected with her spirituality.

Purple – Crown Chakra // Represents her soulful connection to her higher self and with the universe


“I can’t get over how beautiful my brand is… I never in a million years could have ever thought of something so beautiful and perfect. Natasha is so talented! The best part is, they are so me! I always find people never get me or are able to understand my vision but Natasha did perfectly. Thank you, Natasha.”

Kimberlee Burchat



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