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How to stop being distracted

You can’t do big things if you’re distracted by the small things.

I have a very busy life, I have a lot of responsibilities, and I have lots of passions that I like to pursue. That’s why every week I set aside an hour to write for my blog. I schedule it once a week. I’d like to write more, but I know that at least this way I’ll actually get it done.

To help me with my writing I always ask for guidance from my Angels and Spirit Guides with a simple prayer. This helps me leave my ego at the door and allows me to focus on what I need to write about, that is greater than just me.

I close my eyes and find my centre and ask: “Dear Angels and Guides of the highest truth and compassion, guide me in writing my truth, that will voice to inspire those who need it most, so that they can be guided by the light and love to find their inner peace and true happiness.”

All day today I kept hearing the word FEAR over and over again in my head. So, I took this as a sign that maybe what I write about today should have something to do with fear. Like my prayer, I also like to take a hot bath with epsom salt and essential oils to clear my mind and put me in a better state when I sit down to write.


During this relaxing moment I wasn’t alone; a pestering housefly came to visit me. Somehow, it snuck itself in before I closed the door. At first, it really bothered me. I got mad at it, started calling it stupid names and blamed it for bothering me in “my time” of relaxation. But then something in my mind told me to stop, perhaps it was my Spirit Guide or Angel, I just know I heard this message loud and clear.

“Stop thinking that this housefly is here to bug you,
it is here to teach you so that you can teach others
how to appreciate and surrender to it.”

A housefly is a pest, that’s why it’s called a bug. It is annoying and can be an awful distraction in times of concentration and relaxation.

Like in life, and this housefly, there are many distractions that pull us away from doing what it is we should actually be doing. Like our mobiles buzzing, our children seeking our attention every 5 seconds, the dog barking, the cat meowing, the phone ringing, your husband leaves, the microwave beeps, someone’s at the door, you trip over a toy, you step into spilt mushy cereal, you’re trying to make healthy yet yummy lunches, the TV’s on and you hear there’s an accident on the highway on your route to work, work’s emailing you with an urgent message, and to top it off you haven’t even brushed your teeth, washed your face or got dressed and you have to be out the door in 20 min.

But yet you try to focus on all these things at once, and can’t. So instead you get mad, you call that toy you tripped over stupid, you blame your family for either not being there or for just being in your way and you can’t help but think “poor me”. We play the blame game, just like I did to that pestering housefly. We blame everyone else but ourselves and we don’t take accountability for our own actions.

All of these distractions can be avoided if we only…

Make lunches the night before; get up earlier before the kids do, wash up, get dressed, take care of you first, wish your husband a great day, be grateful, work can wait, your happiness cannot. Make YOU be the best thing that happens in YOUR day. And when your day presents you distractions that you have no control over, change your perspective, think about how you can learn from them, just like my pestering housefly.

In my case, after I surrendered to this housefly I ended up focusing on what I needed to focus on. I was able to listen to my Guides and Angels so that they could guide me to what I needed to do most, relax. And when I did I forgot all about the housefly.


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