Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your creative process?

I start off every project with doing a 1-ON-1 intuitive brainstorm with my client. This allows us to connect at a higher level and for me to intuitively see how I can bring the creative design to life. The creative output becomes a collaborative initiative leaving both parties happy.

How do I book a job with you?

Awesome. I look forward to working with you. The best way to connect with me is through requesting a quote.

Can we start right away?

I keep a full schedule. Pending on your needs we may be able to start right away, but it’s always best to submit your request first and then I’ll be in touch with you to see when we can get started.

How long will my project take?

Great question. Depending on which package you choose it can take anywhere between 4 weeks to even a year.

How many rounds of creative changes do you offer?

I understand that creative is very subjective and that your vision and my vision may not align right out of the can (although I love it when it does). To ensure you’re happy I always include 2 rounds of revisions with my work.

Do you design websites?

No. But I can help build creative assets for your website (widgets, backgrounds, promotions, etc.). I have a pretty extensive list of vendors that I can tap into if the project requires the need for one.

Do you provide copywriting services?

Yes. Depending on the scope of work, if the project requires a lot of copywriting I may have you reach out to a third party vendor as my main focus is designing your brand and helping you connect with your niche market.

Do you provide printing services?

No. I can provide you with multiple sources and will ensure the creative meets all of their printing requirements.

Do you shoot your own video or photography?

No. I work with multiple photographers and videographers in the GTA and if needed, I can recommend you to them as part of the scope of work.

How do you send the final files to me?

Depending on the package you have chosen, I will send you Jpegs, PDFs and Word Documents for Action Plans.

How much does it cost to hire you?

Without knowing the scope of work or which package you’d like to go with it’s hard to say. The best thing for you is to submit a request and then I’ll be able to provide you with the exact costs.

How long have you been doing this?

As your Creative Director and Intuitive Designer, I have over 15 years of experience in the Advertising and Design Industry. I have worked with many large corporations and have won international awards for my creative talent. As an intuitive, I’ve had this gift my whole life and I am using it with my talent as a designer. With this, I bring you an abundance of experience and expertise to bring your brand identity to life, strategically, creatively and authentically yours.


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