Natasha Romanelli.
Creative Director. Art Director. Designer.

Hey there, if you’ve landed here by chance or by directly seeking me out, welcome. 

I currently live three different lives, with a fourth in its infancy. To help you navigate which one of my lives you’re currently in, you’ve found my creative life. In this life I go by the name of Natasha Romanelli and I am a Tornoto-based Creative Director. I am so much more than what my title says I am so I hope that you’ll stick around and get to learn a little bit more about me, my work, what I stand for, and what I wish to see more of in this life time. 

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“Natasha has such an incredible energy that fuels her creative, her drive and everyone she works with. Her skill and determination won’t let her back down when up against a challenge and she still maintains her light.”

– Mark H.

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